Monday, June 15, 2009

For my 300th post... a little clarification

At a wingfest restaurants and pubs set up booths and sell many flavours of chicken wings. A city holds a wingfest to attract people and money. In Hamilton our waterfront has been transitioning from a grubby industrial wasteland to a people place and the idea of the fest is to encourage folks to visit the area and partake in food, fun and music.

Paul and I tried 6 different flavours of sauce. The coconut curry tried to eat through my lips and tongue forcing me to seek relief in a chocolate peanut butter ice cream cone.

Burlington, a community just around the bay, holds a ribfest every year. We've gone several times and managed to cover ourselves in BBQ sauce. As with the wingfest there is live music, usually some craft and junk booths and a beer tent.

Ribfests are quite popular and some groups spend the spring through fall season towing trailers and secret sauces to locations all over North America. There are bragging rights and trophies to be had.


We put up our new bedroom drapes on Saturday. Cleaning the window first prompted a general cleaning of all the upstairs windows so now we sparkle!

While preparing supper on Saturday I mentioned to Paul that once again the kitchen sink was draining slowly. Rather than throw down some drain cleaner .. my solution, he decided to plunge. By the time he was done it was totally plugged.

I washed dishes in the basement sink.

He used the snake from upstairs and in the basement but nothing would reach the plug so out came the hack saw. He located the problem and worked out the most awful looking black sludge. Just so you know, duct tape works only as a temporary fix on cut metal pipe.

After a Sunday trip to Home Depot for a repair bit thingy we are now back in business, good as new.

The beginning of it all .. 1st post


Leenie said...

Nothing like chocolate peanutbutter ice cream to soothe all ills. Maybe you should have sent some down that clogged drain!

Jayne said...

The wingfest sounds like a fun time out, coconut curry notwithstanding!
Glad the sink is back in business, nothing worse than black sludge to ruin a kitchen sink (sure it wasn't Buffy's Hellmouth?) :P


No Jayne that is somewhere in Stephen's room, probably next to all his dolls...oops I mean action figures.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for clarifying. That sounds like my kind of festival. YUM!
Oh, the joys of dealing with plumbing problems. Glad you got it working. I was looking for something the other day and found a lot of sites that said hot water and clothes washing liquid soap would clear a drain. We'll have to wait and see.