Friday, June 19, 2009

I have a habit of clipping recipes and writing out ones that catch my eye in magazines at the library and waiting rooms.

This batch has spent weeks/months under a magnet on the side of my fridge but today they will get organized and filed into my recipe holder.

Tonight I will make the orange roast chicken ( click on photo to see it tucked upper right under the asparagus and goat cheese ) with some major modifications.

I have a chicken, I have an orange and I have the Herbs de Provence. The rest will be hit and miss. ( no 2nd and 3rd orange, no lemon, no unsalted butter, no homemade stock )

I think I must cut out some of the recipes more for the idea than the execution.

When this lot get filed there will be a pruning of the ones I'll come across that have me wondering "whatever were you thinking woman".

...if anyone wants any of these I'll gladly blog them or better yet you can come to my house and cook them for me. I'll provide the wine...


Kathleen said...

At least you get them filed away somewhere! I've got clippings and printings from the internet scattered all over the place. Under the phone, on top of the microwave, piled on top of cookbooks, and some in a 3-ring binder. I need to do a lot of purging too, for I tend to look at some and think the same thing..."what were you thinking?"

Jayne said...

I learnt a funny poem many years ago (it was in the front of a recipe book) -
"She cuts them out of magazines and pastes them into books,
I don't know why she bothers-
As they're never what she cooks" LOL
That looks yummy!
Have a go at making those lemon squares on Jeanie's blog, they're very addictive!

Anonymous said...

Love that poem Jayne! I'm guilty of it too. When you're done over there E, you could always come and sort mine for me!


Put it on the list.."things E must do and see when she arrives downunder".
(keep in mind that I'm a tosser .. as in, I throw things out)