Sunday, June 21, 2009

It started so well....

Seeing as my tarragon needed trimming back I decided to make up my own recipe using the chicken and orange.

I cut the orange in half after zesting and squeezing out as much juice as possible over the bird I threw it into the cavity along with a handful of tarragon.

I sliced up the other half and settled the pieces on and around the chicken along with the zest and more tarragon

Settling it on a bed of tarragon I popped it into the oven.

I basted it along the way having added some water to increase the liquid.

I cut up a mix of red and white potatoes, tossed them in oil, ground black pepper and some pepper basil. That went into another baking dish and was added to the oven.

It should have been wonderful considering the look and the smell but there was one rather major problem.

I had neglected to make sure that the chicken was completely thawed before cooking. *sigh*

I ended up taking some of the breast, the drum sticks and as much juice as possible and finished our meat portion of dinner in the microwave.

The rest went back into the oven while we ate.

The potatoes were perfectly done and the white wine crisply cold.

Now I'm off to ice the carrot cake I made for Paul for Father's Day. I used a mix.

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Jayne said...

Elizabeth, it looks delicious!
My Mum used to do something similar.
Carrot cake is always a yummy winner :)