Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the 17th year in a row our city has held Open Garden Week. Sixty-one gardeners have opened their yards to anyone interested in viewing their labour of love.

This is the first years I've visited a garden. It belongs to one of the ladies from the gym and I've been hearing about it all spring. This year she polled her friends and garden club members and decided that yes, her garden was worthy.
Her beds are spread around her backyard and are anchored with a large variety of hostas. Not a spot of soil shows as she has packed each with colour.
I came home and looked at my garden and decided I'm not ready for viewing. It's not that I don't like my flower beds, it's because I have no idea what most of the plants are called. I'm a hodgepodge gardener. I haven't saved labels, I haven't kept notes, I have no master plan.

photos from Annice's garden


Leenie said...

I'm with you on the labels and names of stuff in my garden. The plants pretty much have the place to themselves. I just pull out the ones that look like weeds. Sometimes I even have to dig up flowery things when they gather in huge groups and try to take over. We finally have sun after the wettest spring on record. My roses think they have died and gone to Oregon.

Jayne said...

We have the Open Garden Scheme here in Oz, too, and mine will never be a contender for the same reasons - I like my hodgepodge random plantings without their labels ;)

Anonymous said...

.. and I think the hodgepodge random thing is pretty cool anyway.

[If you saw our "garden" you'd think yours was deserving of special awards, never mind being a contender for Open Garden.]