Thursday, April 30, 2009

Give an interested male permission to check it out and this is what you get.

Way back in 2003 Stephen found a little digital camera for me to try. One that got good reviews and was comparatively cheap at the time..if you consider $79.00 before taxes cheap, so I could decide if I was going to give up using film.

I did go digital, if fact I have two cameras now - a Canon and a Fuji, so the little Snap just sat. I hauled it out the other day and discovered it will no longer take a charge and trying to find a battery for it at this point seemed silly.

Didn't take S. long to get inside and he was quite taken with the quality of it's innards.

Ch ez Snap
Isn't it cute!


April is ending with rain.
Suits me fine .
I spent the morning spreading dirt on the bald spots on my lawn and throwing down grass seed.


Jayne said...

That's quite cute!
Got rain happening here in Melbourne, too, YAY, but the lawn is one great big bald spot lol.

Leenie said...

I've got a DH that loves to take apart electronic gadgets. He uses the excuse that it is his job to know how new technology works. It is scary, but he either fixes it or delclares it terminal. We also have new seeds in lawn bald spots. Now it is raining so things should grow.

Kathleen said...

We are redoing the entire lawn this spring. What a process! And now that the grass seed has been tossed, it decides to be warm and sunny, and we are having to water. Figures.

jeanie said...

Oh Elizabeth - after our last harvest, oh, I mean mow, we had a whole heap of grass seed we could have offered - the mid-April rain put paid to regular mowing and encouraged lucious growth.