Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday we went out.

The sun was shining, I was tired of homemade lunches and I felt the need to wander fun shops.

We tasted cheeses at Mickey McGuire's, had a pub lunch, bought some beer and I got a shamrock temporary tattoo. How very St Patrick's !

I asked about the Haloumi cheese Jeanie. He knew what it was but doesn't carry it. More a cheese for cooking he said. Not something that sells well in his shop.

We bought some Premier Cru Gruyere, some Abbot's Gold ( has onion in it ) and some blue for Paul that start with * Roaring ... but I can't read the rest of the label. Just under a lb in total and it cost $17.85.

I did save $3.50 on my bottle of Wolf Bass Bilyara Reserve Merlot, the first wine I've purchased in a plastic bottle.

Served some of the cheese today at lunch with quality crackers, slices of crisp apple and grapes along with some open face corned beef sandwiches...made with Dijon mustard of course.

The wine I'll save for a night we're having steak.

I've updated my reading blog

*Roaring Forties ..... thanks Jayne


Jayne said...

Oh, oh oh! That's not Roaring Forties King Island Blue Cheese, is it?
That stuff is to DIE for!!!
Aussie King Island cheese - of any type, persuasion and taste - is scrumptiously award winning.


Yes it is ! We rechecked the label and sure enough 40's is what it said.

I must admit I'm not a blue fan but I did dab a little on an apple slice to try.