Friday, March 13, 2009

So there I was brushing my teeth when I happened to notice how the sun was creating shadows in my bathroom sink.
Happily the auto setting on my camera seems up to just about everything so I can share.
The bright spot is the reflection from the faucet. The lines are from the window blind.


I bought new running shoes today. My current pair are still fine but when I can get a pair for $50.00 it's worth buying ahead. I truly wanted some dress shoes or at least a dressier pair for wearing with pants but alas, my feet don't fit anything pretty or cute or anything on sale.


Jayne said...

Ahhh, you've been borrowing my feet again to go shoe shopping ;)

jeanie said...

I love the shot - definitely worth a "guess what this is" entry in the local show!!

Kathleen said...

That is indeed an interesting photo. NEVER would have known what that was.
Living in a small town like mine...I have to order shoes from the internet. Back and forth, back and forth, til I get the right pair. Sigh.