Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring

Bike weather is approaching so Paul installed the computer ( I really want to know how far I actually speed might be so slow it won't register ) he gave me for Christmas and it didn't work, so a trip to the outdoor equipment store was necessary Turned out to be a faulty battery.
While that was being sorted I wandered around and found the panniers I first saw out west and decided would be perfect for my library runs. They come as a pair so I can carry lots of books. After much deliberation I decided on the blue rather than the red for my silver and black bike.
Now we just need the spring like weather back so I can use them.

Last night was my first hoop class. These are not the hula hoops of my youth. They come in different weights and different sizes and you are expected to do things other than have them go round and round your waist.
You are expected to spin them clockwise and counter clockwise, get them down and spinning around your bum, do the limbo AND walk and talk without having them fall at your feet.
I laughed.
I sweat as much if not more than at a full out cardio class.
I laughed a lot more.
I failed at most of the exercises.
I have bruises. I have sore spots.
I have to decide if my body will survive another class.
I will look like the photo in 8 weeks, I will, I will, I will. ha


Jayne said...

Ahhh, my hubby calls them saddlebags and hides a multitude of shopping in them lol.
Oh, haven't been overtaken by the new hula hoop craze, I'll remember to duck and weave when it arrives ;)

And, yes, you will :)


I usually do too but panniers is my new word for the year.

Tis all about fitness now Jayne. I can buy a custom made one for $25.00. No longer for children.

Kathleen said...

Of course you will! I should be taking a page from your book, but alas...I just haven't been able to get with, and stick with, anything. Sigh. I know it's going to cost me.
Spring! Came with rain around here. Tho by late afternoon there was glorious sunshine, and a clear night...28F. Looks like a pleasant day today. Aren't we all SO READY for spring. What a winter this has been...everywhere!

Tracey said...

You're becoming a real bike person now! Am very impressed with you using the bike as transport to and from the library etc.
Also impressed with the hoola hoop class.. any exercise that makes you laugh at the same time as got to be a good thing.

jeanie said...

I am disappointed in the hula hoops available for children, as they are too light - or am I too fat?

Mind you, a new gym has opened here (within cycling distance) so I may just see if I can hoop to it.

Happy Spring.

jpderosnay said...

ah, i can imagine you're so looking forward to getting out after being stuck indoors for so long!