Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There could be another road trip in my future.

After enjoying our cheese from Mickey McG's we started to think about the cheese we had out in British Columbia last summer so with the help of my handy dandy computer and google I found the shop where we bought it, Salt Spring Island Cheese and then went hunting for stores in our area that might carry it.
Whole Foods Market Oakville is less then an hours drive away .. unless it's rush hour and you get caught in the horrendous traffic on the Hamilton-Toronto commuter run.

No guarantee that we'll find the exact cheese but taking a peek through the fish department as well as the cheese section makes me think I will be able to lighten my wallet with ease.


Jayne said...

I can imagine you behind the wheel, caught in traffic growling through gritted teeth,
"Get out of my way, lady, you're coming between me and my Salt Spring Island Cheese!" :P

jeanie said...

lol the lengths you can go for a taste of the good stuff!!