Sunday, March 29, 2009

With all the spring rain we've had today I can look forward to the end of bare branches and the return of blossoms.

The panniers don't fit so we will be making a trip back to the store.

I can now see how fast I pedal .. got up to 20.8 km/hr around the block, and how far I've ridden. The odometer gadget is installed and now works just fine.

Sold and donated more stuff that was littering the house and my son has come up with A PLAN.

He and his dad will hid junk and when I seem to be ready to blow they will haul it out bit by bit and get rid of it until my mood improves. I guess my singing and dancing around the house as things went out the door must have been an indication of what makes me happy.


Jayne said...

Males do that junk hording thing so well!
Pretend to blow a little more often and they might clear the house out for you before Christmas ;)

Kathleen said...

Oh, I love the photo. I was doubting that spring had sprung, but my forsythias are in bloom...and the bleeding hearts and hostas are up. There is hope.
Good luck on the cleaning out! I need to attack that job with a fury. WHERE does it all come from? I guess we are just slowly letting go of stuff over the years. THANK GOODNESS.