Friday, January 9, 2009

A week has passed

and what have I done:

Well, I've read and watched TV.
I just finished watching season 2 of Robin Hood. Space: Above and Beyond is waiting for pickup at the library so my hours in front of the TV will continue.

I've shoveled snow and as luck would have it, it's snowing again.
I've been back to the gym.
I've had my haircut short now that I've decided that growing it long is not a good idea.

I spent part of the morning going through a shelf of old books in Paul's office in the basement and have pulled all the ones to be discarded.
I've made noises about his obsession of trying to keep everything and I think, just think, I've talked him into getting rid of a stack of plastic bins that have no value. If I say it enough do you think it will stick in his brain ....... if you haven't found a use for it in ( insert appropriate number ) years do you think you really need to keep it?

I have books and movies to enter on my other blog. I should probably get myself organized.

note: done so if you are interested you can visit .. and then my eyes fell out, linked on the right


jeanie said...

Cool new page!

Jayne said...

You're a busy girl, Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

ah - excellent! i've just clicked on it.

it sounds like you got loads done!

oh poor paul. i must say, i can relate. i guess we need you ruthless throw-outers, but still, be gentle with us ;)