Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missing in action

I'm currently spending more time in front of the TV than the computer. Space: Above and Beyond , the complete series, is keeping me occupied.

Want to know the sad bit?

The library has ruined the flip side of the last disc with a security label so I won't be watching the final 2 episode until I finish downloading them and they are moving slowly.

Catch ya later.


Jayne said...

Hope you're having fun!
Warm-ish here as we get fried in our homes :P

Kathleen said...

AAAARRRRGHHHH! How frustrating that must be! I hope you have a talking-to with your library staff.

From what I hear on the TV, you need to be safe indoors instead of out in that COLD.

jpderosnay said...


thats terrible.

what is this "space: above and beyond", then?


check the link ( click on the blue link Space: etc)

It's an old US sci/fi TV show.Lasted one short season.
Lots of American gungho but some of the space bits and the enemy are fun.