Friday, January 2, 2009

As you can see

....I've taken to playing. Better? Worse? I can't decide. I will take suggestions. Just keep in mind that I am trapped by the preset choices because I predate computers.

I've managed to get my links section back up and will continue adding on.

I have gone all out and started a second blog ( go me ) for my books and movie listings. I'm going to try and make it more than just a list.

I rather like my title, but then my son does say I'm easily amused. He also says I'm terrible at song lyrics but that's probably a blessing, seeing as I can't carry a tune.

Paul is in the basement moving things around. I had hoped he might be clearing out some of the junk than he insists he has to keep, but alas, that's not likely. If I can't convince him to throw away the metal shelf from the refrigerator we replaced ten years ago I know I don't have a prayer.

It is snowing again. *sigh*
It is still cold. *bigger sigh*


Jayne said...

Oooooooooo you went and played Changing Rooms!
Very nice :)


and after sleeping on it I decided to change from a white background. Now I like it better.

Kathleen said...

I like it. Good for you. I've thought of playing around...but I'm afraid I'll lose everything!


I don't think that's possible as long as you don't hit a delete button. * smile *

I share the same fear whenever I try anything different.