Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 The first

Seems like just yesterday it was 2008. sorry couldn't resist

I've been through my paper files and shredded lots. I still have to use the delete button on my computer junk.

I have my calendars marked with birthdays, anniversaries and all those bills I have to pay each month.

I have the Christmas decorations down and I'm working my way through the lot deciding what to keep and what to discard. I'm on a minimal theme these days I have some wonderful new plastic bins to store them in. I ranted and raved about better storage til Paul gave in and took me shopping.

I have a nice prime rib roast ready to put in the oven. Paul has the wine chosen and Stephen and Michelle have been invited for the first dinner of the year.

I'm wearing the new trousers I got on sale, at such a good savings I bought two pairs.

I'm looking forward to whatever the new year brings.

and I'm wishing my blog buddies a Happy Fun and Fabulous New Year.

You've all become a regular part of my day. Write on


Jayne said...

Very Happy 2009 and may you have a blast of a year ahead of you :)

jeanie said...

Have a great 2009, Elizabeth - enjoy your roast (I figure you are all sitting down to it now) and may 2009 bring you everything you dream of.

BTW - my word verification is "hitsock" - hmmm.