Sunday, December 14, 2008

A handy dandy tip

Doesn't matter what big name company it is, according to my informed source .. ok, the clerk at the grocery store.. says you don't get the same results with no-name brand condensed milk. It should be used only when a minor part of a recipe.

She told me this when I made my fudge ingredient return. No worries now, I've given up on making my own.

I used the money to buy flour and icing sugar. Today I make shortbread.


Kathleen said...

I didn't know Nestle Carnation made a sweetened condensed milk...hmmm...thought they only did evaporated. Now I've learned something. Eagle Brand is the sweetened condensed milk favored in the US.


I think Eagle is the big one here as well. The Nestle photo I found online.

jeanie said...

Oh, I never even knew that no-name had a condensed milk - for some reason Nestle is intrinsically(sp?) linked in my mind.

lol - my word verefication is "penced" which I find hilarious, as it is to do so much with your topic - whether you are minding the "pence" or "pensive" about the fudge!

By the way - an award for you at mine.

Jayne said...

I've used the no name brand in a few cheesecake recipes and it works great, but haven't tried it for making caramel.