Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our 38th Anniversary - October 10

and I ate cake. Paul had a piece of apple caramel pie.
We did have a lovely first course before indulging.

We left home just before noon and stopped for lunch at the Cafe Troy. It is along a secondary country road and is owned and operated by a potter. All the tableware is a product of his shop and it's a place that I have had on my "let's go" list for some time. The cafe
The pottery and shop
The farm just across the road
We continued driving the less travelled routes and ended up in Galt, a town along the Grand River. Being a perfect autumn day we parked the car and walked the waterfront park where we watched this heron patiently waiting for small fish at the entrance of a creek, and yes he did finally catch one.
It's an old town by Ontario standards with many 1800's local stone buildings and churches so we wandered keeping our eyes open for a restaurant for dinner. We read menus at several, but still full from lunch, decided to head toward home before eating again.

We stopped at a pub Paul had been wanting to try. The food was OK but not worth a revisit although Paul did like the good selection of beer on tap.


Jayne said...

What beautiful scenery, and that cake!
Happy Anniversary to you both :)

jeanie said...

Mmm - that cake does look quite good. Glad you had a good day, even if disappointing with the meal at the end.

Happy anniversary from us also.

Kathleen said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had the perfect celebration.

Dee said...

It all looks just gorgeous :D

Tracey said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. Just realised I forgot my parent's anniversary, which is around the same time. (My mother and father in law were married in early October too... what is it about that time?!!)