Sunday, October 12, 2008

It will be very simple he said..

..but when we arrived at the marina the pump out station was closed. Oh dear, he said. I read the sign wrong, but look we can come back tomorrow morning.

Did I ever mention I hate going to the boat, that I served notice years ago that he was on his own and should find himself a boating buddy? I like staying at home and playing in the garden. I dislike being out on the water and miles away from my air conditioning.

Clear skies, 24C temperatures, a holiday weekend and people were out in droves. We don't usually get beach weather for Thanksgiving. We usually put on jackets and go out for walks in the woods to see the colour change.

So we took a walk before heading home.

Port Dover public beach

Sun on the water

Seagull on the sand

Monarch butterfly

Fishing boat display at the town museum.

Port Dover was once a thriving fishing village but is now a great summer town on the shores of Lake Erie.
info here

Will I be returning tomorrow? If Stephen makes it home from Montreal tonight I have a 50/50 chance of staying home.


jeanie said...

I am not a great boat companion either so I know your pain.

It looked a be-yootiful day for a walk.

Anonymous said...

it looks gorgeous - especially the way the sun is playing on the water.

the photos are gorgeous!