Monday, October 13, 2008

Lost the gamble

Stephen did get home last night, very late after a 6 hour drive, so being the kind sweet mother I am I told him he could pass and I'd help because I am a wonderful wife, great helpmate and all round useful woman.
Be impressed I didn't even snarl when the alarm went off.
Our boat

Reflection in the water

View of the marina entrance as you head out to the lake

Beach view from the water

Water and sky

Paul will make several more trips alone to get the boat clean, arrange to have it hauled out and to get some of the winterizing done. I will be the cheerful wife waving him goodbye and then welcoming him home with dinner on the table.


Jayne said...

Yay, you got to keep your feet on dry land!


Maybe it sounds like that but I did go back and I did go along for the pumpout of the holding tank and we took a short cruise in the lake, now I'm done!

jeanie said...

What absolutely lovely shots you got there, Elizabeth - makes it almost worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

oh, that pic of the marina entrance is so cool!

Tracey said...

Great photos you've been taking E!!
Sorry you drew the short straw to get them!

Chris said...

You tell Paul the next time we visit I expect a cruise around the Lake. All I got to see of Lake Ontario was passing by at 100Kph from the QEW.