Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Tuesday News

It's cold, the wind is blowing and we are having rain showers.

It is not likely that I will go out and do any yard work.

I will probably just curl up on the couch after I sign off here and read a book or pop in a DVD.

I am working my way through the Inspector Banks books by Peter Robinson and we have started the Inspector Lynley Mysteries thanks to the DVDs from the library. I seem to be in a Brit. mystery phase at the moment.

We had a good visit with Kelley and Chris on the weekend. They had come up from Alabama for a wedding on Friday and spent the rest with us. Saturday as many of the family as possible came over to visit and Paul said it turned into a typical Hurley gathering...all the girls talking over each other.

The weather stayed perfect on Sunday so K&C headed to Niagara Falls where they did the typical tourist stuff: Maid of the Mist, trip under the falls and a winery tour on the drive back here.

When they left on Monday morning I think they took the weekend's good weather with them along with a trunk full of goodies that don't exist beyond the Cdn/USA border.

But fall isn't over yet so I am ever hopeful that we will get lots more days outside playing in the falling leaves. Playing? I should have said raking.

Maybe I'll bake a cake.


Kathleen said...

Welcome back! I wondered where you'd been. Our fall has been a real mix of weather this month, and I'm thinking the pretty leaves won't be around much longer. We're really enjoying all the birds in the yard tho.
I'm not familiar with the mystery series you mentioned...will have to check those out.

Jayne said...

Having mixed up weather here, too.
Love the Inspector Lynley Mysteries!
Have you seen Midsomer Murders, at all? More good value ;)


When they turn up on TV it is usually on the PBS channel and from what I've heard if you pay the big bucks for extra channels they can sometimes be found on BBC America.

Still working our way through Midsomer as they become available.

Almost done Inspector Morse and waiting on a few Rebus.