Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 23 - water tour

Today was cruise day. We took the habour ferry on the Gorge tour. Harbour Ferry. Having planned ahead we'd packed a lunch and already decided to get off at one of the more scenic spots to eat and then catch a later trip back. It worked beautifully and even included the fun of sharing the boat with a family from London England . The men talked flying and the women talked about the men talking flying.Our timing was perfect. We almost had the boat to ourselves. Paul does look happy.

This is the boat after ours. We were walking a lovely wooden trestle bridge at this point heading for our picnic area.

Our lunch view. After eating we walked back to the pickup spot, found a little cafe and had a cup of coffee and some dessert.

After docking we wandered into the BC Museum gift shop because I'd missed it the day we toured and although I could have worn out my credit card I managed to leave without spending a dime.
This native house is on the museum grounds and must only open for special occasions. Didn't stop me from wandering around it and insisting on having my picture taken.


Short rest at home and then out by car to the store for a bottle of BC white wine and some fresh sockeye salmon. We put together a rather nice dinner.


Tracey said...

I can't believe you've already been there 23 days! You're certainly fitting a lot in! Lost track of how long you plan to be there too... ???


Til the 20th so a few more days left *smile*

Kathleen said...

It really does seem like you are having a wonderful time. So much to see and do! I'm glad you've got some time left...and can't wait to hear about what you discover next. Going up the island soon, aren't you? There is great wilderness and beauty in the northern half. Pretty uninhabited I think...but for along the coastline. But I could be really wrong!
Fresh sockeye.....yum!!!