Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day - 22 Lazy Days of Summer

The last few days have been hot. 26-28 C hot.
Not bothering us any as there is no humidity so it's a nice hot.
It's given us a chance to wear shorts and I'm picking up a good tan on my shoulders .
The cooler temperatures are due to return but it's easy to just throw on a sweater.

We finally wandered into the grocery store Emily recommended, The Market on Yates. Bought some great buns, Paul picked out some sliced buffalo roast for sandwiches and after being a good girl and buying fruits and vegetables ( a decent selection of local produce to pick through ) I bought some sweets.

This afternoon was cider tasting time. Paul has been curious about ciders so we went to
Sea Cider just off the highway to the airport and ferries, an easy drive.

This is the view from the outdoor patio. (in the foreground some small apple trees)

They have two different types of sampling. Both have 3 different ciders but the more expensive one provides more nibbles. We went cheap $6.00 and were quite satisfied.

We aren't ready to give up wine yet, I think cider must be an acquired taste. I think Paul would be more inclined to try it again.

We took a scenic drive home and then walked over to the post office so I could buy and send myself a postcard. It will be a good addition to my photos once we get home.

Flipping through brochures and planning tomorrow.


Kathleen said...

I don't think ciders are too popular here...I don't know of any. I much prefer wine! :-)
We rarely have issues with humidity in this part of the country...makes it nice. I've had 65F the last few days, while hubby working 40 miles inland from here had 85F. He's always glad to come home in the evening.


We've noticed how the temperature drops nearer the water even from the centre of town .... just several blocks away.

Tracey said...

I drank cider all through college - way back in the days when I didn't like beer, and couldn't afford wine that was high enough quality not to give me a headache! So I haven't had a cider in years.. I should!