Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 21 - evening walk

We did another run to the library and stopped to pick up info on day tripping to Vancouver now that we've more or less decided not to try for Seattle. It was working out to just more money then we wanted to spend and we haven't run out of things to do here.

We spent a quiet late afternoon feeling rather lazy but after dinner decided to go to Ogden Point Breakwater and walk out to the end . Perfect timing because we saw:

A jellyfish on the shore side

A jelly fish feeding on the water side


and I got a sunset shot of the breakwater.


Kathleen said...

With all you've found to see and do there, I wouldn't wander to Seattle either! You have definitely encouraged us to put the island on our vacation list.
How many more days before you head home?
The pics of the jellies was amazing...are they poisonous, I wonder?

jeanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful 21 days thus far - I agree, why change a winning formula just for the sake of change (and not too much spare change, at that!!)

Great shots.


One person said yes they were poisonous.

We fly home on the 20th so we have a few more days yet!