Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 20 - holiday wrapup

Somehow I don't think the birthday cake they had today would have fed us all. We weren't even close enough to see it, but we did hear the politicians give their speeches and we did hear the music and we were in the perfect spot to see the Snowbirds, Canada's precision aerobatic team fly low and over the harbour and surrounding buildings.

Paul and I agreed that it was the closest show we've seen, at air shows they seems so far out over the field. Worth the hour wait for them.

We walked along Wharf Street through the crowds and had a late lunch at Ferris' Oyster and Burger restaurant. If what they served was medium peanut sauce with my shrimp satay I'd hate to try the hot. We both finished with ooey gooey chocolate desserts and cups of really good drip coffee.

We walked back to party central .. the stage set up in front of the legislature and enjoyed the live music as we walked.

We were rather disappointed last night with the concert. Perhaps you needed to be one of those sitting and saving a seat hours and hours ahead because in the grass area we parked ourselves it seemed more about socializing, eating, letting children playing and a total lack of interest in hearing the orchestra. What we did hear didn't overly impress us so we packed it in early. We don't regret giving it a try but we'll think twice about that kind of event next time.

Part of the celebration included "open doors" at several locations including the BC Museum. We chanced it and found the crowds do-able so gave a donation and wandered in. Totally enjoyed ourselves, getting kicked out at closing.

Another full and satisfying day.



We've booked a bed and breakfast in Coombs for our trip up island that should serve well to see Cathedral Grove (rain forest ) and with a bit of driving, Tofino and the beaches on the Pacific. It had been quite the conversation over the last several days as to just taking a chance and driving up ( Paul) or having a set place to sleep (me). We asked lots of people and got mixed responses, the latest at the BC tourist info centre today where it was recommended we reserve ahead.

Paul checked the accommodation guide we had picked up and I trolled the Internet.

Thyme Away caught my eye for location, room photos and breakfast menu so we called and unable to get anything this week have booked for the 11th and 12th. What helped was the friendly helpful voice on the other end of the line. BB link

I feel better now.

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