Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 19 - the party continues

Couldn't pass up the chance to see a game of cricket and with them playing in Beacon Hill Park it was an easy walk over . No I still don't understand.

The Victoria International Six a Side Tournament rules link
is playing all week in two of the city parks.

Activities in around the harbour started at 11 am . We arrived shortly after 2pm. Paul found the F1 race on TV so we watched it while we ate lunch

Lots of people eating at outdoor tables and benches so this crow stood waiting for leftovers. I have never been in a city with so many crows. I would have thought seagulls would be the most numerous but nope, it's these fellows.

The Victoria Symphony Splash plays tonight from 4pm - 10pm and these people are only a small portion of the number with places staked out. I suppose there is some benefit tor sitting front row but baking in the sun all day seems a little over the top to me. We will be heading there soon with a blanket and I expect that we will be able to enjoy the music even from across the street on the lawn of the legislature building.

Here's what I really loved. The FREE stuff. Lots of companies had tents set up and just for looking interested they handed you: fire truck key rings, tire pressure gauges, light up plastic thingies on lanyards, paper hats, free coffee coupons, popcorn, and and and, plus free wine tasting.
Took me back to my youth and the Toronto National Exhibition where you would return home with bags of loot and only had to spend money if you wanted to ride the rides.

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