Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 24 - Climb that mountain

First stop was the military museum at CFB Esquimalt. link
Once again we spent more time than we had expected. The displays were well presented and the info on the roots and formation of the Canadian navy, as well as the armed forces segment, kept us happily entertained passed lunch time.

centre front of the building. There is a gift shop.

We drove to Hatley Castle and had lunch on a picnic bench and still undecided about visiting the house and gardens, so after a short discussion decided to "do the mountains", that Paul read about last evening.

First stop Mt Tolmie. There is a road right up with a great viewing area, good parking and walking areas right around the top. This photo is of Mount Douglas, well with in range. Great views of water, mountains and an interesting way to view the city.

and here my, I think I've already walked a million miles shoe, that is now mountain climbing. Yes, we drove up but there are rocky areas to negotiate.

Paul having a good look round before we head off to mountain #2.

Mt Tolmie taken from Mount Douglas. Douglas is higher ( 213 m vs 120 m ) and has an even more spectacular view that is enhanced by the drive up. Tolmie has houses on the road almost to the top but it's all trees, vegetation and rocky outcrops here. There are several walking paths for those who want to head into the forested slopes.

Nothing today was far from the city centre. I don't think these spots get as many tourist which is too bad because they are worth visiting. The parks are free and the museum was $2.00.

Mt Tolmie

Mt Douglas


A first for me tonight, I fried our steak. The broiler on Em's oven doesn't work like mine so this was an experiment that worked extremely well. I'll try this again when Paul's not at the BBQ.

The higher temperatures were gone today but the sun continued to shine.

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