Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 6 - Botanical Beach

Tree at MacGregor Park, Sooke BC

One small segment of the 1km walk from the parking lot to Botanical Beach, Port Renfrew, BC

Looking right along the beach.

In one of the tidal pools at Botanical Beach.

This is Highway 14. The main road! We picked it up shortly outside of Victoria. Port Renfrew is the end of the road and at times it felt like the end of the world. Miles and miles of twists and turns, single lane bridges and not another car in sight. Paul loved driving it.

It is really too bad that I don't have the space or the time ( I am on holiday remember) to post more of the pictures I took today.


We left Victoria shortly after 10am stopping first at MacGregor Park in Sooke where you can walk down through the trees to a long wooden pier out onto the water. They are in the process of adding a very long ramp to make it wheelchair friendly.

Than a stop at Point No Point for lunch. The small restaurant overlooks the straits and we watched the Olympic Mts. on the USA side gradually appear out of the mist while the sky turned a perfect blue and the water sparkled in the sunlight.

We continued along the highway into what seemed like wilderness. Along the route to Port Renfrew there are numerous provincial camp grounds and beaches. We had been told to try for Botanical Beach, the one at the very end of the road. The extra drive was worth it.

You walk down to the beach along a one km path of tall trees, ferns, lichen ..... green green green. At the end is a truly beautiful beach of varying rock formations, tidal pools, driftwood and water.

We walked from one end to the other and when I wasn't looking down into the pools at mussels and marine life, I watching the tide break over the rocks.

We arrived home at 8pm having stopped for a picnic supper and to buy a few more groceries.

Wow. Another perfect day.

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