Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 5 - Fisherman's Wharf

Thought I'd share a photo of last night's dinner. We do set a dramatic coffee table.

Paul spent the morning in front of the TV. German F1. Even a holiday can't stop the races. I read.

After lunch we took in an open house one street over. We won't be buying here unless we win a very large lottery.

We then headed out by car to Fisherman's Wharf. Just a tad to far to walk. There are docks of working fishing boats. There are docks for whale watching boats, pleasure boats, little taxi ferries and there are docks of house boats.

The house boats are bright and colourful thanks to flower baskets and flamboyant paint colour. Seems even living the easy life on the water requires maintenance.

Seals have learned that looking cute earns food. One of the fish stalls on the dock sells small fish that you can feed to the seals and people are eager to lure them close. This fellow had a good fed as we watched until a seal gull flew past and snatched the last bite.

This odd looking stuff was floating in the water beside on of the houseboats and I was able to ask what it was. Bull Kelp ... because it looks like bull tails. It is the fastest growing sea weed in the world and appears to be quite common. We saw a second pile of it later on our drive along the shore.

This photo is for Bats, my favourite crazy Australian. She sent me Dingbat so he could have fun adventures along with little fang. I only look a little odd carrying them around.

We drove away from the wharf stopping at several viewing spots along the water. There are lots of paved pull -off areas, benches and bathrooms and people take good advantage of them, locals more than tourists.

The road continues into the money area, Oak Bay, and marveled at the size of some of the estates. When they talk about the British influence in Victoria you can certainly see it here with the Tudor houses and the gardens.

Home for dinner and then out to Moka's, the cafe at the corner where we shared a rather rich chocolate brownie and coffee. Had to pass a Starbucks to get there.

No set plans for tomorrow but Paul will come up with something. I'm just here for the ride.. and to cook. My frugality won't even let me consider eating out every day. I'm saving my pennies for the really good restaurants.
Hopefully we can get back to the wharf for a meal at Barb's Fish and Chips. It's highly rated ( and relatively cheap ) by the residents here and was mentioned in several of the travel books I read before we arrived.


jeanie said...

Smart move to cook while on holiday - there is only so much "special" you (and a frugal wallet) can take before you are screaming for some old fashioned home cooked.

Jayne said...

Ditto what Jeanie said!
You're having a wonderful time, those pics are great :)

Tracey said...

And there I was thinking I was your favourite crazy Australian. Then again, I don't think I can match it with Bats!! Changing my blog name to NotSoCrazyTrace.

Was surprised that the seal feeding wasn't more monitored and restricted.. I suppose I am comparing to dolphin feeding. The trend in our country seems to be that it's a big no-no to feed the wildlife! Guess seals in Canada are a bit more prolific though!