Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 4 -- Moss Street Paint-in

Another perfect weather day so we headed over to Moss Street, 2 blocks from our local main intersection. We were early enough to see the organic market setting up and I couldn't resist taking this photo.
The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria consists of this house and a modern addition. You can wander the rooms and view time appropriate art then head into the large addition to see the shows, currently Andy Warhol and Ancient Chinese Textiles, as well as the permanent Emily Carr exhibition. This is the galleries 21 annual Paint-in and everything is free. Donations gratefully accepted. It is a great way to promote and celebrate local artists and draws people to the gallery.

This picture doesn't do justice to the crowds. That mass is wall to wall people. The city closed the whole length of Moss St. approx 18 to 20 blocks and there were 110 local and area artists showing and selling their works.
Some even continued to work on new projects.

There is a Moss St. market every Saturday at the community centre ( were we saw the onions) and it features all home grown, home made food and crafts.

Paul figures we walked 4 1/2 to 5 kms .

Home for coffee and to rest my weary legs and out again for some fresh green beans at the garden stall at our corner and Paul found a wine store bought us a BC wine to go with dinner.


jeanie said...

What a great experience - and that house looks amazing!

It sounds like you feasted on the art on offer and can now do the post-feast groan and relax!

Jayne said...

That looks like a marvellous day you've had!
Hope your feet have recovered lol ;)