Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 3

Paul is still drawn to the sound of airplane engines so it's no surprise that his photo at the harbour was of seaplanes. They are constantly taking off and landing as they do the "tour the tourist" flights.
Fan Tan Alley. It's billed as the narrowest street in town and is of course, in the middle of China Town.
little fang just had to have her picture taken with this stern fellow. Part of a totem pole in the gardens surrounding the BC Museum.


Out by 9:30 walking downtown. First stop was the library were Paul fell in love with the size of the magazine collection. If it dares to rain ( or perhaps just on a rest day ) he wants to return and just read.

We certainly ticked off the boxes today. Bastion Square to see the shops, the quality craft tables and fresh market produce. Next to Market Square, again a good variety of small shops and craft tables. Turned a corner and there was Fan Tan Alley so we had to walk it and have the typical tourist photo op. I might be sorry I posted the picture when I see it on my larger computer screen, but we're all friends here.

One quest I had was to find a certain fountain I remembered from our visit in the early 70''s. Someone finally understood my description and it turned out to be in Centennial Square right up the street. We did get a photo but that one I'll want to see first, not looking flattering even on this small screen. *grin*

We ended up back at Bastion Square for lunch at the Rebar. I had wine, P. had beer and we both had a wonderful take on a clubhouse sandwich .... shrimp and smoked salmon .... oh my!

We finished with a walk along the water front passing the Empress Hotel than turned towards home checking out the location of the museum.

We arrived back at our door at 4pm.

We continue to marvel at how easy it is to get around, how much there is to see and do and how lucky we are that we have time to take our time exploring.

Wish I had some idea of how far we walk each day. Miles and miles and miles according to my legs.


Jayne said...

Great photos, thanks for posting them and taking us along on a tour with you ;)

Tracey said...

Buy a pedometer! I wore mine whilst watching my girls play at the netball championships, and I clocked up nearly 10km walking back and forth between courts each day!

Either that, or you can come home and plot your day's travels on google earth or something like (I wonder if there is a!!!)


Thought of you T. I think I'd rather not know so I can make up some wonderfully large number. *laugh*

thanks for tagging along jayne.

jeanie said...

Wonderful that you had just the right amount of to do boxes to tick! Enjoy the rest of your holiday - and yes, thanks for taking us on them with you.