Friday, July 18, 2008


Paul took this as we flew over the mountains between Edmonton, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia. Truly stunning from the air.
Sea weed washed up on the beach, Straits of Juan de Fuca . You look up across the water and you see the mountains in Washington State. This beach is a short walk from our current home.
This is me. Eyes down looking for pretty stones. The beach is all pebbles and drift wood. Thankfully I bought good shoes and the walking was easy. I didn't dip my toe in the water. It is very very cold.
Just walking the streets is a treat. I could spend all day taking pictures of houses and gardens.

Being here for an extended period gives us the chance to just enjoy walking and right now the weather is perfect for being outdoors.

After our 2 hour beach walk we stopped for pizza at the restaurant next door to our apartment building and enjoyed a delicious Quattro Stagione ( four seasons thin crust pizza ) and some fine German beer.

and now to bed


Kathleen said...

We traveled the Strait in May...from Sequim to Cape Flattery. We picnicked on the beach...waving to the Canadian side! The weather has been glorious for quite a stretch...hope it holds for you.

Tracey said...

I am back home now, so I can follow your holiday! Am very impressed that you can upload photos and everything!!

Jayne said...

It looks and sounds deliciously relaxing :)