Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 7 - Craigdarroch Castle .....

One small segment of the open-to-the-public gardens at Government House. It is practically a neighbour of the Castle so we decided to visit. It was well worth it for the variety and colour.

Public utility boxes are decorated. Makes walking by them on the street enjoyable.


It wasn't worth trying to get photos of this Victorian home that has so much history here in Victoria, better to just visit the website. The stained glass was magnificent, the wood work incredible, the restoration story interesting.


By the time we walked back to the apartment and had lunch we decided there wasn't enough time before closing to visit the aviation museum at the airport, so we went shopping. I found a place to get my hair trimmed and Paul wandered the mall til I was done.

We went for groceries and I bought a lovely fresh chunk of halibut, caught right off the coast. Never having cooked it before I got instructions from the man at the fish counter. I'm becoming quite the good cook using the kitchen here.

Paul went out for white wine, so handy having a shop right around the corner, while I prepared the fish and fresh corn on the cob.

Still haven't quite figured out why my legs still talk to me, usually in a complaining manner. Perhaps 3 1/2 hours of strolling is really more than they are used to.


Kathleen said...

Oh, Elizabeth...it sounds like you are having the most glorious time! I am thinking we need to come over and spend some time in Victoria and on the island. I know we would enjoy it immensely.
Hope the halibut turned out well...one of my favorite foods!

Jayne said...

That is a great idea with the utility boxes!
Sounds like a grand day was had :)


Dipped it in flour, then egg and finished with the panko that they included free.

He said it could dry out if overcooked so I must have done it just right because it was lovely and moist.

Other recipe ideas are welcome.

Going to try salmon next. I cook it at home but I never get fish this fresh.

Kathleen said...

My favorite way to do halibut is just to grill it on one of those table-top grills (where it cooks both sides at once). Top with an almondine sauce (toasted almonds, melted butter, a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper cooked in a skillet....maybe a bit of cream and white wine). Hollandaise is nice too with the almonds.

Having such beautiful fresh fish is one of the blessings of living in this area. Do be sure to try the Dungeness crab! (Buy cooked, eat from the shell with a cold beer!)