Saturday, July 26, 2008

day 11 - a need for some down time

We actually slept in this morning and I was really slow getting moving even after breakfast. Guess I wore myself out.

Figured out how to use the washer and dryer so we now have fresh towels and I've stock piled change for more loads later in the week.

Paul did a general tidy of our mass of "places to go, places to see, things to do" paperwork, and even ran the vacuum .

After lunch we walked to the library ( Google maps says it's 1.5 km one way ) picked up some magazines for Paul and a book for me for reading in the evenings and then did a general wander looking for a seafood place Emily suggested. Found it and checked the menu so it's on our list.

Walked back through St Ann's Academy where along with Beacon Hill Park, there will be an Luminara Lantern Festival tonight. Our plan is to have dinner, wait for the sun to start to set and head over with the camera.

The sky is overcast and it's feeling damp, let's hope there's no rain.

Beacon Hill Park

Look to the right of the park, second street down before it broadens out and running at right angles , that's Pendergast St. That's where we live.

Dallas Road at the bottom of the map runs right along the shore line.


Jayne said...

A quiet day to reflect :)

jeanie said...

Gorgeous - I can't believe the cost of the tea rooms you mentioned a few days ago? Libraries are great places for visiting.