Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 12 - around the gardens in town

Great fun last night. It was interesting and nice to see how many of the locals came in fancy dress and how many made and brought there own lanterns. We bought some glow necklaces and were poorly dressed by comparison but still felt part of the event.
The park was packed with all ages, with entertainment nicely scattered throughout and as the sky darkened, the effect of all the displays was wonderful. My camera didn't manage to get any really good shots. I would have needed a tripod.

Glenda the Cranky Witch, the Witch with Attitude was a favourite with the kids and adults alike. Come dark those ruby slippers glowed.

Today was garden day and it was a day by car so the legs were spared for walking the paths not the streets to get there.
First was the Abkhazi Garden Originally a private home it is run by volunteers and worth the small admission price.
It would be wonderful to be able to visit at different times of year to appreciate the variety of flowering plants. We really liked how in a compact space the paths twist and turn and give an amazing number of different views.

We drove back to Government House for a second look at the gardens there. Parking available and all free.
This time we concentrated on the back area that is less formal and also includes a lookout over a section of the property that is still the original vegetation of the area. So much was imported by the first settlers that the native species have to fight to survive.

I couldn't resist shooting up into this stand of trees. I don't know the variety or if they are imported. but they looked great.


Remember that nicely decorated utility box several days back? Turns out they are covered in a printed durable vinyl with an anti-graffiti coating and cost between $400 - $500. each but they hope it will be worth it considering the cost of yearly clean-up.


Emily is now the proud ( we hope ) owner of a 3 piece Bistro set. It works extremely well as a dining set for two inside and is also the perfect size for her balcony ..... and it folds for storage.
I haven't grown tired of cooking yet so we are getting good use out of it.


jeanie said...

Wow - the park performance looks amazing and I agree, the stand of trees was well worth photographing.

Jayne said...

Those photos are great, the trees are magnificent :)
Good idea on the utility box covering!