Monday, June 30, 2008


Great Lakes Beer made that bottle of Orange Summer Ale I showed you yesterday. It appears they make lots of different brews, none that really caught my eye as appealing to my taste buds, but after sharing the bottle last night for dinner with Paul, I will put the orange on my "buy again list.

I've tried flavoured beer before, raspberry beer and I think a cherry, but I liked this better. The orange was hardly noticeable but for a person who is not normally an ale/beer drinker I found it pleasantly light with no harsh aftertaste. It's not cheap, $4.95, but seeing as it comes in 650 ml bottles it serves 2, at least in our house.

I thought the peeling orange on the label looked like a snake but no, just fruit with a stem.

LCBO I've included this link for any new readers. Our provincial government sells us most our booze in specific stores, regulates the prices etc ... but at least has the decency to give us good recipes and a flashy website as compensation.

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Jayne said...

Ah, good, it lived up to the promise of the picture on the label :)