Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the way home 2

Meet our trust GPS. She's like an oracle, preparing us for the future, steering our moves, ensuring we are on the right path, guiding us in the dark. She is a marvel.
I won't be giving up maps .. there is still something comforting about holding paper

You might have a little trouble reading this sign but it says: Kentucky Down Under. I didn't know what it meant until I googled it when we got home. Hope my Australian friends enjoy this .downunder

I decided a second vehicle tour stop was survivable so after visiting a small shopping area and co-op art gallery in reclaimed industrial are, we went to the Packard Car Museum in Dayton Ohio. The cars have been gathered together in an original art deco dealership. There are 2 buildings of some really spectacular vehicles, packard You can even have your photo taken.

It always helps to ask the natives for restaurant ideas. We had stopped to get some info on cell phones at a small mall and the young man not only gave me lots of good ideas for when we travel west but also gave directions to the Night Sky cafe in Troy, Ohio. What a lovely old town. Great little shops and cafes and 2hr free parking. I checked out the used bookstore and actually walked out empty handed.

This was our last stop before crossing back into Canada and it was slow thanks to construction on the approach to the bridge in Detroit: we spend almost an hour in the middle of idling transport trucks.

We made our way into the duty free shop and while Paul shopped for booze I bought chocolate.

Arrived home, April 9 just after 11 pm. Total kms for the trip ... 3309

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Magic Bellybutton said...

The car museum looks fantastic.

Disappointed to see that there were no lamingtons or vegemite on the Kentucky Down Under menu. Tsk tsk.