Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the way home 1

Apr. 6
Sunshine! I did pick up some colour on my arms. Nothing like going to the mall for a tan. The Summit Mall in Birmingham is huge. This outside street scene variety is taking over from huge indoor malls. We wandered all the big name stores and all I bought were 2 packs of seeds and some postcards. I like to look. The mall straddles a busy inner road and is so large they run a shuttle bus to save you feet. We walked, then treated ourselves to sinfully wonderful chocolate brownies. You might be able to make out the hills around Birmingham .
Apr. 7

Just outside Birmingham is the Barber Motorcycle Museum, Barber and track.
This was the one spot Paul really wanted to visit it is a WOW place. I usually visit the gift shop when he finds these places and then wait for him in a quiet corner, but this place was worth the wander. We both really appreciated the bikes that had been left in original condition when so many had been over-restored.

I couldn't resist this shot. This is several floors up, a display that runs beside the glass elevator, the workman was working his way through it all checking each bike for dust and filling any of the tires with low air pressure.

Having already checked out of the hotel we left the museum and headed north and spent the evening and night with my niece Teresa and family in Decatur. I could have happily stolen most of the art from her walls. She decorates with great style.


Apr. 8

We headed out before noon hoping to working our way home between 2 major storms. We had had enough driving in rain on the way down.

This cafe in Florence, Tennessee was a great find. We had pulled in to see the what made it so "Historic"... the town centre with statue, the old buildings turned into quaint and expensive shops and were overwhelmed with possibilities for lunch. Turns out my sister will drive the 2 hours from Decatur Ala. just to spend the afternoon shopping here.

We stopped just south of Dayton, Ohio in West Chester for dinner and started looking for a hotel. We ran into a convention, all area rooms booked, but thanks to a desk clerk at the Hampton Inn we got a place several miles further north. Last room. Near the highway room. Noisy room. I suggested they add earplugs to the toothbrushes and shaving gear they keep on hand.

We packed some in our kit bag as soon as we got home.


Kathleen said...

Sounds like a most marvelous time. I loved the photos and hearing the stories. Please...share with us the history of "little fang!"
And what kind of GPS do you have? I know there are lots on the's nice to get recommendations.


Years ago when I joined an Australian author's site some of the members in Brisbane decided to meet. Being jealous I sent an avatar .. little fang .. as my sign-in was fang ( my budgies name ). little fang spent about 2 years being mailed around Australia to other members and she saw lots of sights.
She came home in time to go to England with us and then France. I tend to use her to share places I visit and she will be going west with us when we travel this summer. I've booked for 5 weeks, mid july- aug.

I must see if I can get a copy of the info that crazy trace has used when she put up a website for her.

We have a Garmin streetpilot c550. Stephen did a lot of research before the purchase and found this one cover everything he, or we, would need.


ps....she's on the moose mountie hat on this blog. That shot was taken at the Toronto airport before we flew to France.

The Brave said...

Don't you love town like that. There are too many places with the same boring merchandise and the streets and malls with the same generic feel. I would go out of my way to visit places like that too.
Thanks for furthering the insight into little fang too. I have seen littel fang references beforre but wasn't quite up to speed with the story.