Sunday, December 2, 2007

This one's for you T.

Nice touch of colour in the kitchen. The front door is decorated.
Now consider ... on a day like this wouldn't you want some holiday cheer?
Could drive a girl to drink!
Now that's a good idea. Wine with dinner tonight.


Spin by Robert Charles Wilson I just finished reading it yesterday and although I found it slow to get through in certain chapters, I did enjoy it and have reserved the sequel, Axis. It's sci/fi without being sci/fi. That means it is quite readable by everyone.
and it's nice to promote a Canadian writer.


Jean Pierre said...

well, for me of course, all that snow looks just beautiful! but then, you probably see a lot of it..!

for how much of the year does it snow like that?

Elizabeth said...

Lately it hasn't started til January.
I'm in SOUTHERN Ontario so we don't suffer as much as those in other parts of the country. *grin*

Tracey said...

You're such a stirrer, E!!


Jean Pierre said...

i suppose thats not too long then. (?)

Elizabeth said...

I consider winter about 5 months, mostly because they are the coldest months. (Nov through March) Jan. and Feb can get frigid. Don't believe anyone who tells you we are under snow and ice most of the time. *grin*
April can have cold days but spring is in the air, June it can really warm up and we have hot hot hot days, often weeks, in July and Aug, Sept. Oct and early Nov. constitute fall with the leaves changing colour mid to late Oct. We are a country with central heating and central airconditioning.

T: gotta keep you smiling.