Sunday, December 9, 2007


Hold me back. I feel like decorating.

I never decorate this early.

If you decorate early dust settles and you have to dust again before company arrives for Christmas dinner.

Maybe I'll wrap presents instead.

Help, I seem to have been infected with the spirit early this year.

Ho ho ho


jeanie said...

Oh you poor thing.

Can I send you an 8 year old to get you decorating even earlier?

I have not even got said presents yet - still on the Christmas card angst.

Jean Pierre said...


we've already decorated. well, sort of - the tree is up. although, apparently thats 'cause we had christmas drinks on friday.

but then the tree went up this time last year too...

Tracey said...

Guess what. I haven't started decorating. Hard to believe, huh.