Monday, December 10, 2007

...on Monday

I went out to the library mid afternoon, stopped for a few groceries and when I got home my stove was missing a side.
Because the door squeaked and I had been making nasty comments about giving up cooking.
See the yellow X?
Paul had to file down some worn spots ( no surprise after 33 years ), do some lubricating and I think he said something about the spring.
I can report that all is quiet now when I open the oven door and food will continue to flow.

We went to see The Golden Compass after dinner, the dinner that went into and out of the oven without a squeal. Paul and I enjoyed it. It was entertaining and visually interesting. Stephen made a few comments about the poor script but he did like the bears. Fussy boy!


jeanie said...

ha ha - that reminds me of my stove, not because it has no side but because the cupboard door beside it has never been put back on since installation!

I am glad you enjoyed the movie.

Libby said...

I had a horrible feeling when you mentioned the spring, that you were referring to the time when the oven would be put back together.
But no, if dinner was cooked that night I presume that everything is operating to perfection.
I'm planning to take the grandchildren to 'The Golden Compass', ten year old Louise loves the series.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the spring that works the door, not the season. *smile*

The good thing about Paul is his ability to take something apart, fix it and put it right back together. The bad thing is getting him started.

I think Louise will really enjoy it. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear you enjoyed "the golden compass". i'm quite looking forward to it! if nothing else but to actually see all these places and people that i imagined.