Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I bought the last two gifts this afternoon.


No more.



Kathleen said...

I am in deep envy! I have yet to realize that Christmas is upon us. My mind-set is early November. Last week's storm (no power for 7 days, no water for 10) really threw a glitch into the holiday prep. I'm still in shock mode. Hoping to get with it SOON! LOL!

Elizabeth said...

How do you survive? I can't imagine the hardship. Hope all is well for you now.
I think you are allowed extra days when that happens and Christmas happens when YOU are ready.

Magic Bellybutton said...

I've normally got all my presents by now - but I've not bought one yet.

jpderosnay said...

ah, well done!

i've got to do my wife's presents still... i ran out of money and have to wait till i get paid on the 21st! :D