Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No work on the bathroom today. They had a problem at another job site but should return at 8 am tomorrow.

I finished True Colors last night. I like the Republic Commando series by Karen Traviss and always look forward to what's happening with "my boys", the clones I've come to know and love. She writes another SW series with a variety of authors but I didn't care for them. The squads she follows in her books have such distinct personalities they are easy to get attached to and I look forward to each new novel. This one is # 3 with the story starting in Hard Contact and Triple Zero. I am not up to date on the SW universe but it doesn't really matter when reading these books.



Jean Pierre said...

that seems quite cool... thats a nice angle to be taking on the star wars universe!

how long are these books? do they go quite quickly?

and you say the characters are well written and developed?

Elizabeth said...

jp: Paper backs that are standard American size - 4 1/2 X 7, approx. 450 pages.

Interestingly enough Karen Traviss is an English writer but her stuff gets printed in the US first.

I'm waiting on the 5th book in her Wess'har series. Good sci/fi She h
as a web site

They read quite quickly. Exellent characters and storyline in all her books.

jean pierre said...

hmmm... you've really piqued my interest now...!

bats said...

bathroom looks great,,it will be worth it at the end
Love the look of that book