Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day Two

A shorter work day today but all precise fitting.
The cabinet is in along with the marble top, porcelain sink and new faucet. Second coat of filler is on the walls and a new bit of tile repair done in the shower after Paul removed an old holder that left chipped tiles. Word to the wise........always save matching tile. Look how neat and pretty the inside is. New shut off valves for the hot and cold, all new lines pipes and fittings.
We decided on the door nobs and they will get installed along with the doors later in the project. The tub/shower area needs the repaired areas grouted and then the new fixtures installed.
The sanding and painting needs to be done along with the installation of the baseboards.

I'm still happy.

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Jean Pierre said...

fantastic! it's looking good and going so quick!