Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day Three

It's an interesting comparison to day one with the tiles now grouted and the fixtures installed. It looks even better than I had imagined it would. The baseboards are in and look how neat and precise he was at the corner to the tub. I can't wait to see them painted. That happens tomorrow.
It's hard to see but the first coat of paint is on. It is very light, just a hint of beige. I tend to use neutral light colours on walls and then dress rooms up using colour in the finishing bits. I want shelves over the toilet but I haven't decided on glass or floating wood ones. On the other side of the medicine cabinet wall I'm planning on hanging some art work......moisture resistant of course....I just haven't found anything that screams, take me home.
With any luck I'll be moving everything back in on the weekend.


Tracey said...

Lookin' good! So what's the floor covering? And did you have to match the wall tiles (just when you said 'grouting the tiles' I wondered!!)

Jean Pierre said...

very nice! and, as i keep on saying, they're working so quickly. maybe its 'cause handymen here in england tend to take forever to do anything...?

Elizabeth said... it's a vinyl product that we were able to have laid down right over the old tile floor.

Paul had pulled some of the existing wall tiles (little individual ones ) out when he removed the old baseboards and when they pulled the old fixtures from the wall they saved and reused some. They fitted and glued to fit the new fixture and grouted them in with a colour that matched really well.

If you get the right people they work quickly here.

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