Saturday, October 13, 2007

Our 37th ... October 10 1970


With a forecast of cool, cloudy and chance of rain we headed out warmly dressed with umbrellas handy. We had been planning a day drive along the Niagara Parkway and decided the possibility of bad weather wouldn't keep us home. It's a lovely area with many wineries, lots of historic towns, old forts, and lovely autumn foliage views.

The picture below is the Niagara River which runs from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Left side is Canada, right side, USA. Lake Ontario is at the horizon.

There were battles all along the river during the War of 1812 and at Queenston Heights, General Brock (British) was killed, below is his monument. Currently closed for repairs I remember climbing to the top on a middle school end of the year trip. The park and garden along with the views of the river are wonderful. info

The Queenston Heights Restaurant, our dinner destination, is right in the park. After a walk around we continued back along the parkway.
We stopped at the Butterfly Conservatory, but it was near closing time so a quick trip into the gift shop had to do, but we did take time to wander some of the large surrounding botanical gardens.

The next photo shows a portion of the Sir Adam Beck generating station and the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge that crosses into the USA, one of several bridge crossings in the area. We Canadians like heading over to shop especially now our dollar is worth more than theirs.
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