Saturday, October 13, 2007

part 2

We decided to drive right into Niagara Falls. It's been 20 years since our last trip. The tacky tourist street I remember is still there, cleaned up and brighter and the skyline is totally different thanks to the new hotels and casinos. The Falls remain the same.

American Falls

Canadian Falls

Here we are, looking a little older but still smiling. That little boat in the river behind us is the Maid of The Mist and one day I will work up the nerve and take a ride. info
We drove back to the restaurant and watched the sunset while eating a fabulous meal enjoyed with a glass of local wine.

Now this is a worthy dessert: Ice wine sherbet, fruit tart, cream in chocolate cup sitting on Dragon fruit. We each had our own! Yummy and it was on the house because it was our anniversary.


the Brave said...

Thanks for sharing your anniversary celebrations with us. Sounds like a fabulous time.

Libby said...

What an exciting part of the world you live in... great pictures and a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

Kathleen said...

You two really do look the same...oh sure, the hair's a little grayer, but the "look" is the same.
Sounds like a wonderful time! I love "road trips." You are fortunate to have such wonderful things to explore close to home.
Congratulations again!

Elizabeth said...