Thursday, July 19, 2007

Latest reads

I started partway through the Rebus series having found his latest, Naming the Dead, on the new book shelf at the library. I am now working my way through the earlier works.
So far Rankin continues to hold my interest. The mysteries are interesting and Rebus is a character who holds your attention.
Strangely enough I had tried this series before and it didn't click with me. A good example of trying again.
A Question of Blood
Truly spectacular. The type of book I would never buy but can't resist when the library gets a copy. If you are lucky enough to see a copy of it, indulge your senses.
The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World I've read other Kay Kenyon stories before and enjoyed some well enough to give this one a try. It is book one of a series and although I lost the thread near the end I will watch for book two.
The Bright of The Sky
Luckily the library also has the full series of Foyle's War, a British TV series I am working my way through. Once done I'll move on to Midsomer Murders.

Have I mentioned how much I use my library?

I love my library.

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