Friday, July 20, 2007

Tell me please

.....why do manufacturers name clothing?

Let me introduce you to "Amelia". She's a wonderful pair of classic fit beige summer pants. I'll be hanging her in my closet next to my winter pants named Tracy.

Do they pay people to do this?


Kathleen said...

I'm thinking that it helps us shoppers to remember a favorite style instead of having to remember "Levi's 550 Regular Fit" or some such thing. I've got a fav pair of pants called "Holly"...and it really does help when I shop that store's catalog and can pick out the ones I know will fit me well.
Enjoy the humor of it all tho!

jeanie said...

lol - have you ever read "Fabulous Nobodies" by Lee Tulloch?

She named all her frocks and talked to them.

Can you imagine having a chat to Amelia and Tracy and trying not to hurt their feelings because you felt a little more like "Lola" (that would be the little cocktail number at the dark end of the closet) today!