Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Progress report

Yesterday Paul put up the blind I bought for the bathroom. No, the painting isn't done, but the old bit of material I had hanging up wasn't keeping the sun from heating up the room.

We finally got rid of the old shower doors. After calling the city and discovering we didn't have enough for a bulk pickup we borrowed Stephen's car ( easier to load ) and took them to the dump. Now I just need Paul to let go of a few more the old blind I refused to put back up in the bathroom. *sigh*

I've lost 7 lbs.


strauss said...

Whoo Hoo! Go you with the weight loss....and the old stuff loss. We have been doing the reno thing ever since we have moved here and it sure is a great feeling to finally have one part of the "project" completed and the debris hauled away.

Libby said...

All those trips to the gym are paying off... congratulations! Glad to see that the bathroom is edging toward completion.

jeanie said...

Wow - excellent weight loss AND getting rid of that other detrius, too!