Monday, May 21, 2007

Touch my tomatoes and you die

Pesky rabbit. Sure run and hide when I arrive with the camera. Flee into the neighbour's yard. You've already been snacking in mine. Nasty nasty

Nothing like jumping up from the dinner table to chase down a picture of the bunny that's been playing peekaboo with us all day. He was getting crafty and hiding behind the plants after being chased when attacking my plants out in the open.

The fun part was using Stephen's many dollar fancy camera. Too bad I only asked how to push the button in the auto setting and didn't ask what the stuff on the lens was for. Apparently it has a great zoom. Who knew? More technology than I can handle. I'm just glad I didn't break it.

Thankfully his cold didn't stop him from downloading and cropping for me. His camera has more buttons and dials then should be allowed and I fear that much technology.

Lovely lovely day for a holiday Monday. Paul and I got in a bike ride and then sat out back with a cup of coffee and read.


Tracey said...

That wascally wabbit!!

Go you with the photography!

Magic Bellybutton said...

AW! Tracey said what I was gonna! Poobumwee.