Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chapter Next.....Reno progress

I bought a bathroom floor today.

Install date? Seeing as hubby is doing the work himself I'm not even going to guess.

Great product this. It has a backing that allows it to be installed over existing flooring. No digging up the old tiles. No leveling necessary. You use Velcro. Imagine that.

I dragged him back to the cabinet maker. I stood over him while he took measurements. I applauded his design.

I've suggested he decide about getting started on the electrical or I'm heading to the yellow pages.

He probably doesn't want to hear my ideas for our bedroom.


Libby said...

Very attractive. Now you are on the home straight with spring rearing its pretty head, you might find that there is a bit more activity on the home front.
Like the photo... why not leave little Elizabeth there too. She's very cute.

Elizabeth said...

Still need the electrical done.
Still need the patching and sanding done.
Still need to paint.
Still need the cabinet ordered and made and the sink ordered and installed.
Still need to pick faucets.
Still want new towel racks.
Still need to install the floor.
Still have to figure out a window. treatment.
Still need the correct size of shower doors to arrive.
Sigh....not very far ahead yet